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Information We Collect About You

Encore wants to be transparent about the data they and their partners collect and how they use it, so you can best exercise control over your personal data. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Information Our Partners Collect

Encore uses the following partners to better improve your overall web browsing experience. They use cookies and other mechanisms to connect you with your social networks and tailor advertising to better match your interests. This may include tracking across our sites, sites operated by third parties, and multiple devices.

  • Data Aggregator/Supplier: Adobe Experience Cloud (Audience Manager)

  • Mobile: Services, Facebook Business (formerly Facebook Custom Audience), Google Tag Manager

  • Ad Network: Atlas, Facebook, Google Inc.

  • Analytics Provider: Google Analytics, Evidon

  • Social Media: Facebook for Developers (formerly Facebook Connect)

  • Advertiser: Google AdSense

  • Retargeter: ShareThis

  • Content Management/SaaS: Printful

  • Publisher: YouTube

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